Life Lately/Goals Update

I have today off - yay! - so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to sit down (with the peace and quiet of an empty house and most of the housework done) to get some writing done! This blog is serving as a sort of diary entry, along with an update on one of my goals for 2017. "Which goal?", you may ask? Why, my goal to learn to drive, dear reader!


My Relationship with Time

We all believe in the construct that we have to work to specific schedules of time and we plan our lives around them. We get up, we get ready, we go to work. We work, we come home, we make dinner and do some house work.

Top 7 Ways to Prepare for Your Interview

There are so many different ways to prepare, so many different potential questions that could come up, questions that you can ask and generally everything else under the sun. Here are my top tips for preparing for your interview. Hopefully they’ll help you in your time of need, and serve as a reminder for me in the future when I need a recap!