My Year Abroad – À Bientôt, Amiens! (5/5)

It’s crazy to think how fast 7 months can pass. My last week as an English Language Assistant was the week the spring holidays started. It was difficult having to say goodbye to all of my classes. With 2 weeks of free time before going home, I travelled to 5 cities across 3 different countries. I’ve written about them and put them in ‘order’ of my favourite to ‘least’ favourite trips below (who am I kidding? I loved them all!). Enjoy!

My Year Abroad – Life as an English Language Assistant (3/5)

I was going to be working with pupils aged between 8 and 11 years old across three class levels. -- Five out of the seven classes were spent in the main classroom working alongside the teachers to deliver the curriculum. The other two classes consisted of me working with small groups of children (around 8-10) in a separate classroom, teaching them additional material to complement the work their teacher was doing in the main classroom.

My Year Abroad – The Application (1/5)

There were three options - study at a university, work as a language assistant in a school or work for a business. Since I had always wanted to be a teacher, being an English Language Assistant and helping to teach pupils English through French medium made the most sense and seemed like the best balance for me.