16 Things to See & Do in Scotland!

So far on this blog, I’ve talked about all the places I’ve been (mostly in Europe) in my life so I decided to write a little closer to home and tell you about my “Scottish Bucket List”.


My Year Abroad – À Bientôt, Amiens! (5/5)

It’s crazy to think how fast 7 months can pass. My last week as an English Language Assistant was the week the spring holidays started. It was difficult having to say goodbye to all of my classes. With 2 weeks of free time before going home, I travelled to 5 cities across 3 different countries. I’ve written about them and put them in ‘order’ of my favourite to ‘least’ favourite trips below (who am I kidding? I loved them all!). Enjoy!

Top 5 Places to Visit in Rome

In March 2016, my boyfriend and I went on our first holiday abroad together. We had both wanted to visit Rome for a long time and we decided, in celebration of his birthday, that now was the time to go. We absolutely loved the city and had the best time. Rome, for us, certainly lived up to the hype and I wanted to share what I enjoyed about it for anyone considering it as a holiday destination. So, here goes. My Top 5 places to visit in Rome.