Exploring Inverness Botanic Gardens

Since my boyfriend and I started working again, we’ve been a bit all over the place with getting back into a routine. I work weekdays until 5pm, my boyfriend works in retail so he works any day of the week and pretty much any time the shop is open so it’s been a struggle to see each other. This weekend has been a rare full weekend off for him so we decided to actually do something with our weekend (other than just being lazy together – which we have also done plenty of!).

We looked into a few different options – Aviemore to go up the Cairngorm Mountains or Falkirk to see the Kelpies and go on the Falkirk Wheel – but we decided to keep it simple and go to the Inverness Botanic Gardens instead (we’ll do those other things another day)!

The botanic gardens are definitely a hidden treasure in Inverness and are well worth the visit. Admission is free though you can donate to the upkeep of the place and there’s surprisingly a lot to see for such a small space. It’s also very tranquil for being so close to the city centre, A9, and local leisure centre!

We headed there in the early afternoon and ended up spending about 2 hours there (it’s open 10am-5pm), including a lovely lunch in the Cobbs tea shop on site. I had the soup while my boyfriend had a toastie and we couldn’t resist picking up a wee treat each for after! We probably could have spent longer there but the weather wasn’t the best and we didn’t want to risk getting caught in a downpour and end up spending too much money in the cafe to hide out from the rain!

There are plenty of different areas to explore with little nooks to relax in. As the leaflet describes “The Gardens showcase an array of plants in glasshouses, outside gardens sheltering display beds, trees, shrubs, herbs and herbaceous borders.” There’s also “high level rockery, varied wild flower areas and a country garden.” You can buy herbs and plants to take away too as they have a ‘Garden Project’ growing them and one of the greenhouses even serves as a wedding venue! Very varied place, as you can tell!

We had a great time exploring, wandering through the little jungle path, and appreciating all the gardens had to offer. I would definitely recommend you visit if you’re in Inverness and enjoy that sort of thing! It’s a great wee place that can be very cheap to visit. I can see it being a place I’ll go to more frequently, relaxing with a book, enjoying the floral smells and the views. I hope you check it out some time too!

Don’t just take my word for it though, check out the Tripadvisor Reviews 🙂










Until next time, folks! Thanks for reading 🙂


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