Getting my nerd on at Ness Con

This weekend I went to Inverness’ very own Comic Con!

I was going to say it is Inverness’ first ever convention of this sort but in doing further research, I found out that there was another convention from 2008-2012 called Highlands International Comics Expo, also known as Hi-Ex. Inverness “Ness Con” is the first convention since then, as well as my first convention ever, and I have to say, I really enjoyed myself!

I wasn’t too sure about it when we first bought the tickets back in December last year. I’m geeky, without a doubt, so I thought it might be a fun thing to check out but I’m not hugely into comic books or many of the things that you would typically find at a comic book convention, especially such a small scale one like in the Highlands of Scotland.

The convention was on yesterday and today but we had Saturday only tickets. We didn’t buy any extra tickets to attend any autograph sessions so we just wandered around and enjoyed the stalls on offer. My boyfriend was working in the early afternoon too so we couldn’t spend as long there as we’d hoped.

We weren’t sure about whether there would be queues so we decided to leave a bit earlier than it was due to start at 10am. The tickets for it sold out so we figured it wouldn’t be surprising if it did take a while to get in! Thankfully when we arrived about 20 minutes early, the queue wasn’t too long and after a quick security check, we were in not long after 10am!


Event Guide, wristband, and ‘Goodie bag’ (glow sticks and pick ‘n’ mix) on arrival


Iron Man statue at entrance


Hulk statue at entrance

There were two main areas of stalls, the second floor foyer and the OneTouch theatre. We checked out the foyer first, wandering around the stalls and stopping whenever something caught our eyes. Thankfully it was pretty quiet because it was right at opening time so it wasn’t too difficult to stop and have a look at stalls.

There were a lot of really cool stalls, such as The Nerfery which – you guessed it – sold Nerf guns. There was also an archery stall (which boasted its range of woodland settings on the outskirts of Inverness – including dinosaur and zombie hunting). Other stalls included comic books, awesome looking Steampunk jewellery, books, artwork, Harry Potter merch, t-shirts and Pop! characters.

The ground floor OneTouch Theatre had a bunch more stalls, again with various products on offer. Badboy Geek had a stall with Lego characters of all sorts, including The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, The Avengers, Harry Potter, and so much more. They were really cool! You could also get the Lego characters framed in their groups (i.e. Pirates of the Caribbean). Although I’m not a big Lord of the Rings fan, you could also pick up your own ‘Precious’ for your collection. There were stalls with Japanese food and drink, Tempo Tea Bar, Loch Ness Gin, and more comic books and artwork! (Apologies for the quality of some of the photos below)

And that’s it! We were there for about 1.5 hours which we felt was enough time to wander around as we did. If we were going to the panels or autograph sessions, we could easily have added a couple of hours on to that and with it being open 10am – 6pm, there would have been more than enough time to see and do everything! I ended up spending a lot more money than I had intended to but we got some pretty cool stuff.


So let’s break this down. I got two “The Big Bang Theory” T-shirts from A1 Toys. Because who doesn’t love Soft Kitty and Fun With Flags?! They’re really comfy and just the type of tops I like as pjs. Expensive pyjamas, but nice nonetheless!


We got a couple of Deadpool prints, from Rob Draws for Money (left) and Maximised Comics (right). We couldn’t resist either of them, they’re both pretty funny/clever! Yes, that is Deadpool playing Iron Man and Captain America like puppets.


I got myself a cute Harry Potter themed bookmark (Super Cute Awesome Stuff) and we picked up two HP fridge magnets (didn’t catch the name of this stall). There was also an amazing Marauders map, along with House scarves but I just couldn’t spend all that money! (Update: I just found out that the stall was Diagon House!)


I also got some food and drink there. Some strawberry and chocolate-flavoured Pocky from Baka Gaijin which are biscuit sticks covered in strawberry or chocolate. They’re yummy! I also tried Bubble Tea for the first time from the Tempo Tea Bar. I tried watermelon and mango with strawberry boba and it was tasty and refreshing but very strange at the same time!




Me looking awkward with my Bubble Tea in my “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” t-shirt

We also checked out a stall called Crafty Marten where we got this awesome starting 3 Pokemon print. My boyfriend also got a cute Totoro badge and various stickers.

ness-con-starting-pokemon-print-2017We’re really pleased with the stuff we bought – I’m sure you can see why! I can’t speak for my boyfriend but I’d happily buy tickets for next year’s Ness Con, if they run it again. I’d love to see what else they have on offer as it continues to grow!

Thanks for reading, folks. See you next time!

Did any of you attend Ness Con? Have you been to a comic convention before? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

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