My 2017 Goals

I’ve been thinking over the last couple of days about the things that I would like to achieve by the end of 2017. It’s been a quiet start to the year with not an awful lot going on, for personal reasons, but I want to start planning for the next 8 months to give myself motivation and goals to work towards. These are like the Spring version of New Year Resolutions but I feel like they’re a bit more concrete and legitimate than NYR. So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2017.

1. Get my full driving licence

I’ve mentioned this in a few posts already but for me, it’s quite a big thing that I’d like to achieve this year. My provisional licence runs out in November and I want to get my licence comfortably before that point. I haven’t started lessons properly yet (I’ve only been out driving with my dad a few times) as I’ve been trying to figure out whether to do weekly lessons or an intensive course, and how best to fit it into my schedule. I plan to get moving on that in the next few weeks though.

2. Buy a car

Leading on from the goal above, I’d really like to get a car, though this might be a ‘play it by ear’ goal. Especially given the cost of learning to drive and then putting out a load of money for a car, it’s maybe not so practical over the rest of the year. The benefits of having a car though, even for the latter part of the year, make this really tempting so I’ll have to look at my options. I’d love to be able to go for a drive with my boyfriend at the weekend or more easily visit family and friends. My granny lives about 1.5 hours away but the buses are so expensive and awkward that I don’t go as often as I wish I could.

3. Go on holiday

My boyfriend and I are hoping to go on holiday as a kind of ‘catch all’ for our birthdays and anniversary this year but again, it’s trying to figure out when and if it’ll fit in with our schedule with everything else going on! We were considering planning a trip to London for a long weekend (Harry Potter Studio Tour, anyone?!) but I’d also really love to return to Barcelona or Berlin. I loved both cities and it would be great to see them again with my boyfriend who hasn’t been and has had to listen to me harp on about them for the last two years!

4. Get fitter / Be healthier

I have put ‘get fitter’ as I don’t have a definition and measurement for ‘get fit’, whereas I know that I can be more fit than I currently am! Although I’m not the most confident about my body, I am pretty confident in myself and how I look. However, lately I could definitely afford to tone up and work out more than I have as of late (aka not at all) so I want to commit more time to getting fit and eating healthier throughout the rest of 2017. I want to do it healthily, and I want to do it at my own pace. It might take longer than it would for others but you’ve got to do what works for you and I know trying to rush it will be impractical. Wish me luck! 🙂

5. Organise my flat

We’ve been in our flat for about 18 months now and didn’t spend too long deciding where everything should go. Over the last few months however, we’ve been working on re-organising furniture and tidying spaces to make things work better and more practically for us. We still have work to do though and I don’t want to let it fall by the wayside so I’m adding it to my goals for the year. I should really get rid of some things too, I can be a bit of a pack-rat…

6. Catch up with friends

This one is quite simple really and might seem a bit ridiculous setting it as a goal for 8 months but it’s useful for me. I’ve not been the best at keeping up with friends lately (since we’ve all spread out across the country(-ies)) and I’d like to get better at that! I miss having silly conversations and not taking life too seriously. I need to remind myself that I’m not constantly busy and do, in fact, have the time to chat with friends, even if it’s just through Facebook Messenger. I had a video call with my friend yesterday and although the topic wasn’t great – she’d fallen and completely scraped her knee! – it was good to catch up and be silly (she was being a little dramatic ;).

7. Take steps to improve my mental health

I can be quite bad for holding onto things (not grudges) and overthinking, well, everything, and having a lot of guilt that really has nothing to do with me and I really need to work on that for my own mental health. It doesn’t help me and it doesn’t achieve anything. I’ve been a bit up and down with my emotions over the last few months as well so I’d like to work on regulating them more. I’m planning to meditate more and not shy away from sharing my problems and feelings but it is be a work in progress and things won’t be ‘perfect’ by 31st December 2017.

I may add to this post over the next few months but this is what I’ve come up with so far and I’m quite happy with it. Now all I have to do is actually do all these things…yaaaay personal goals!


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